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The premiere which marked the existence of the ballet group in Szczecin was Coppelia by Delibes in 1985. In the next twenty years in the repertoire of the ballet there were such pieces as for example: The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky, Flamenco Love, Gershwin to the music of de Falla and Gershwin, Cinderella by Prokofiev, The Wayward Daughter by Herold. In 2012 the director of the ballet in the Opera at the Castle became Karol Urbański. Since then the ballet has been blossoming. There have been produced such ballet premieres as: The Wages of Sin, Alice?s Adventures in Wonderland, Rock?n?Ballet, Witch Hunt, The Nutcracker, We Children of Zoo Station and The Evening with Polish Ballets. There have been invited for cooperation distinguished Polish and foreign choreographers, such as Robert Glumbek, Cathy Marston, Robert Bondara, Paolo Mangiola, Anna Hop, Kaya Kołodziejczyk. In 2013 the group received a special award from the chapter of the competition ?Amber Rings?, and in 2018 the show We Children of Zoo Station was recognised as the best show of the season.


The group

Nayu Hata, Ksenia Naumets, Patryk Kowalski, Paweł Wdówka.

Demi soloists:
Żaneta Bagińska, Klaudia Batista, Aleksandra Głogowska, Olga Kuźmina-Pietkiewicz, Stephanie Nabet, Vasyl Kropyvnyi, Piotr Nowak (inspektor baletu), Pedro Rizzi, Łukasz Przespolewski.

The group:
Chiara Belloni, Aleksandra Januszak, Monika Jabcoń, Nadine De Lumé, Viridiana Hernandez Martinez, Emma McBeth, Julia Safin, Roger Bernad, Jeppe Jakobsen, Andrzej Śmiałek, Yu Yamani.