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Robert Bondara, Paolo Mangiola / Stanisław Moniuszko, Roman Palester

The evening with Polish ballets

Polish ballets rediscovered ? ?In the lodgings? by Moniuszko, brilliantly interpreted by Robert Bondara and ?The Song of the Earth? by Palester, in the choreography of an Itallian creator Paolo Mangioli.
ok. 2 godz. (w tym jedna przerwa)
Main hall
Ticket price

30-70 zł

Robert Bondara, Paolo Mangiola / Stanisław Moniuszko, Roman Palester

The evening with Polish ballets

The premiere

18 / 05 / 2019

The show comprises of two one-act ballets, a vigorous ?The Song of the Earth? of Roman Palester and ?In the lodgings? of Stanisław Moniuszko. The first choreography is the work of an Italian artist, Paolo Mangioli, the director of the national ballet in Malta, who has reinterpreted the orchestrated masterpiece and an incredible energetic score of Palester, perceiving it through the prism of universal values as a creator who had had nothing to do with the Polish music and dance culture before. The brilliant interpretation of the second choreography is the work of Robert Bondara, one of the best choreographers in Poland ? appreciated, among others, for the ability to reinterpret and update the traditional texts of Polish culture ? ?Świtezianka? of E.Morawski in Teatr Wielki ? National Opera or ?The Legend of the Baltic? of F. Nowowiejski in Teatr Wielki in Poznań.

It is surprising how the clever combination of seemingly contrast artistic concepts created a coherent story about the history of our world!

Projekt plakatu: Agata Pełechaty

About the show

The premiere was the main event of the celebration of Moniuszko?s year in the Opera at the Castle in Szczecin.


Roman Palester

"The Song of the Earth?

ballet in 3 scenes


Stanisław Moniuszko

?In the lodgings?

ballet in 1 act


Realised with the financial support of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage coming from the Fund for Culture Promotion within the programme ?Moniuszko 2019 ? Promesa? realised by Music and Dance Institute.

The show under the auspices of Polish Music Publishing within the enterprise, which promotes performing Polish music.

Theatre staff

Kierownictwo muzyczne

Jerzy Wołosiuk

Inscenizacja i choreografia 

"Pieśń o ziemi"Paolo Mangiola

"Na kwaterunku"Robert Bondara

Scenografia i kostiumyMartyna Kander,
Julia Skrzynecka

Reżyseria swiatełMaciej Igielski

Projekcje multimedialneArtur Sienicki

Asystent dyrygentaKuba Wnuk



Pieśń o ziemi  




Na kwaterunku 



Dziewczyna I  

Dziewczyna II   






Orkiestra Opery na Zamku w Szczecinie