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Georges Bizet


A masterpiece among world opera repertoire ? a breath-taking Spanish expression, a deeply touching love story and brilliant music recognisable for everyone.
2 hours 45 minutes (including one permission)
Main hall
Ticket price

40-100 zł

Georges Bizet


The premiere

07 / 10 / 2016

The story of the magnificent free woman raised objections when it was created; the idea to make the main character a common Gypsy who makes decisions about her life solely depending on her own will, turned out to be too revolutionary for the world premiere audience. The first staging of the opera in 1875 ended up as a spectacular failure, but later revivals reversed the bad luck. There started the triumphant march of Carmen through all opera stages of the world.

It makes you think what really attracts the viewers: whether it is the story of the love triangle, or the intriguing Spanish scenery, or the fantastic well-known melodies, or the brilliant libretto ? a genuinely-moving true love story. The cause may also be the one-of-a-kind character ? one of the first feminists in opera, a woman whose core of existence and the most valid life philosophy is freedom. Carmen may be a contemporary idol ? she is brave, intelligent, honourable, true to herself, and also sexy: really, it is hard to imagine a more explosive mix!

Perhaps viewers find in her their own longing for the truth, for freedom, for independence, for true love ? for all the grand words we do not use in everyday life but whose presence we unchangeably miss.

In our world there are still soldiers longing for women, there are women who take a cigarette break at work, there are children who play war, there are outsiders, romantics, there are pious girls and there are sport idols. We want to tell you about them, we want to immerse into their hot Spanish world so deep as deeply one can be touched by the notes written down by Bizet, so far as the current of the brilliant music may take us.
Ewelina Pietrowiak, director

Projekt plakatu: Maciej Mizgalski

About the show

Georges Bizet (1838-1875)
Opera in four acts
Libretto: Henri Meilac, Ludovic Halevy based on the novella by Prospera Merimee
The world premiere: Mar 3, 1875, Opéra-Comique in Paris
The original language version with Polish and German subtitles

Theatre staff
Music director Vladimir Kiradjiev
Direction, scenography Ewelina Pietrowiak
Costume design Katarzyna Nesteruk
Choreography  Artur Żymełka
Light direction Łukasz Różewicz
Choir preparation  Małgorzata Bornowska
Children?s choir preparation  Agata Czekalińska
Music cooperation Franck Chastrusse Culumbier
Assistant Director  Mirosław Kosiński 



Carmen       Gosha Kowalinska

Don               JoséVictor Campos-Leal

Escamillo     Rafał Pawnuk

Micaëla         Joanna Tylkowska-Drożdż (26.09)
                        Victoria Vatutina (27.09)

Frasquita      Ewa Olszewska

Mercéd?s     Elwira Janasik

Dancairo       Paweł Wolski (27.09)

Remendado Piotr Zgorzelski

Zuniga            Janusz Lewandowski

Moral?s          Michał Sobiech

Orchestra, choir and ballet of the Opera at the Castle 
Children?s Choir by the Opera at the Castle in Szczecin  

Conductor         Vladimir Kiradjiev

Stage management        Maria Malinowska-Przybyłowicz 


The management of the Opera at the Castle reserves the right to make changes in the cast and in the repertoire


Fragment spektaklu "Carmen" w Operze na Zamku w Szczecinie.